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Buying and selling a home can be an exhilarating experience. After all, you are creating a new and fresh future for you and your loved ones. Whether you are intending to sell or on the search for something bigger and a bit more modern, or contemporary with an open design, you might need some help, especially if this is your first time. Jared Spears is a professional real estate agent in Ohio that will go above and beyond to ensure top dollar for sellers and dream homes for buyers.

That being said, let’s delve into the many benefits of working with a professional real estate agent in Dayton, Ohio.


A professional real estate agent like Jared Spears knows the housing market across the Dayton, Ohio region inside and out.

If you are selling, you want to make sure your home is priced right, along with implementing the right marketing strategies to ensure the best results possible, so that way you are able to put as much money in your pocket as possible. If you are buying, you want to make sure the best tools and resources are being utilized to give you the best opportunity possible to get the home you desire, while also the peace of mind that you are paying a fair price.

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Better Access

89% of sellers sell their home with the assistance of a real estate agent, who lists their home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). These homes can only be shown by a licensed real estate agent.

In this case, a professional real estate agent can come in handy, giving you exclusive access to a house that you may have otherwise missed. With today’s fast-paced market, some homes only last a mere couple of hours before going under contract. To give you the very best opportunity to get the home you desire, Jared Spears will implement resources provided through the MLS, which enables you to be instantly notifiedwhen a new home comes on the market.

Additionally, just as important, if not more important is availability, which is why Jared Spears always makes himself available to you any day or time. When that perfect home for you comes on the market, all you have to do is give Jared a call, text or email letting him know what day and time works best for you, and he will make it happen for you!

The Paperwork

Both buying or selling a home is a huge deal, and that’s why it comes with a lot of paperwork, which needs to be done properly. Some of these documents include disclosures, purchase contracts, listing agreements, addendums, inspection agreements, closing statements, and etc.

With all this paperwork comes records, multiple copies and signatures, which can be confusing and overwhelming to most people. Take a sigh of relief, because Jared Spears is a real estate professional that understands how you feel and will walk you through each step of the way, explain thoroughly what each document is, what it means, and why you’re being asked to sign it. Jared is a perfectionist at everything he does, so you can have confidence that everything is done correctly, the first time. Signing the required paperwork can be done at your convenience electronically, very easily with just a few clicks on your computer or smart phone. Or if you would prefer, Jared can come to you to sign all paperwork in person.

That’s not all. You will receive copies of all paperwork for your records.Professional real estate agents are required to keep this paperwork on file for three years after the sale. This means they will be available if you have any concerns, questions or simply need an extra copy down the road.

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Having an expert negotiator on your side, like Jared Spears is essential. When buying or selling a home, negotiations could take place several times throughout the sales process. Two of the most common stages where negotiations will take place are with offers and inspections.

The price of an offer, although important, is not always the most important factor of a sale. Instead, the net amount is actually the most important piece of information in an offer.

There are many other terms and conditions in an offer that should be considered, like Earnest Money, Financing, Closing Costs, Home Warranty, Inspection Period, Contingencies, Title Insurance, Tax Proration, Closing Services, Closing Date, Possession and Occupancy, and Expiration and Approval. The costs of these terms and conditions should be subtracted from the offer price to give an estimated net amount a seller will receive at closing.

A real estate agent must have the ability to detect issues with a house, that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, while also having the ability to calculate the estimated costs of repairs and/or updates. Having many years of experience as an investor in the industry has helped Jared Spears develop the skills and knowledge of estimating costs of repairs and/or updates on the fly.

Having the guidance of a real estate professional like Jared Spears to lean on for guidance and assurance is invaluable. Before making an offer on a home that may require repairs or other improvements, Jared will assist you by providing his professional opinion on what such repairs or improvements could potentially cost for you to put into consideration when determining an offer, you wish to make. Additionally, if issues arise during the inspection, Jared can refer you professionals for the type of work needed, who can give their professional opinion and an estimate for the costs of such repairs. Jared will provide guidance to help you determine if you wish to ask a seller to make certain repairs or even a price reduction to accommodate issues that may have come to light during the inspection. No matter if you’re buying or selling, Jared will help negotiate the terms for repairs during the inspection period that are fair, make sense, and most importantly, you are comfortable with.

Buying and selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. Regardless of how level-headed you are, purchasing and selling a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Having an unbiased party with no emotional attachment to the property handling the negotiations will help you get what you deserve.

Support & Guidance

Despite being exhilarating, buying a home can also prove to be emotional and stressful. A competent real estate agent can provide the guidance and support you need from start to finish. Jared Spears will hold your hand every step of the way, from preparing to go on the market, finding homes, showings, negotiating offers, handling paper work, keeping everything on trackand making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Working with a real estate agent like Jared Spears will also help you feel confident and at ease during the buying and selling process, ultimately allowing you to make an informative decision.

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Avoid Closure Issues

During the final moments of the buying and selling process, the last thing you want is last minute, unexpected problems to arise. A great real estate agent is always on top of things, having constant communication with the title company, lender and co-op agent to ensure that everything is being taken care of and in a timely fashion to reach our closing date.

Jared Spears is an experienced, professional real estate agent who takes the extra time to ensure everything is done properly, giving you the peace of mind that you desire.


For most people, a home is the most expensive asset that we purchase throughout our lives. When you hire a real estate agent, you should expect a professional that is reputable and provides exceptional services. Jared Spears is a professional real estate agent that is not only reputable, but also approaches every situation with a what-ever-it-takes attitude, going above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible buying your dream home or selling your home for top dollar.

If you’re considering hiring a real estate agent, don’t settle for an amateur that does the bare minimum and treats you as just another client. Jared Spears is a real estate professional that actually cares, treats you like family, and provides unprecedented value.

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