Jared Spears & Associates

Changing Lives, One Home at a Time

My Story

As a Realtor and Property Manager, I understand how serious my responsibilities are to my clients. I have committed myself to service excellence, working hard to drive results for anyone who enlists my help. Serving the Dayton area, I own a satellite office under Home Experts Realty, an organization that affords me all of the resources and support that I need to make a significant impact on my community. Because of my partnership with Home Experts Realty, I have been able to reach the heights of the Dayton market, always finding new advantages for my clients.

This approach is in line with my overall mindset as an entrepreneur. Approaching every project and every possible deal with a what-ever-it-takes attitude, I never stop working for my clients. To me, “Realtor” is more than just a job or a title: this is my identity, encapsulating what I aim to do in the world and who I aim to be. Constantly bettering myself, I believe strongly in the value of ongoing education, keeping up to date with all of the latest trends in the market and paying close attention to every sale in the Dayton market.

Rather than asking my clients what they need, I make sure that the conversation stays open. This means that I am asking questions at all times, figuring out different ways that I can improve my services and make them more encompassing. My goal, at the end of each day, is to know that I have made my buyers and sellers feel heard, understood, and valued. I want to fill them with the same confidence that I have and make it clear that when they work with me, in sales or in rentals, it’s always a collaboration.

My Core Values

My entire career, I have put forth the extra energy needed to do the right thing. This may sound like an abstract concept to some, but to me, it is always clear-cut. I work diligently to over-deliver to ensure I serve my clients to the best of my ability. If that requires me to set aside some more time, then I do that. Buying and selling are, as far as my thinking goes, stressful enough without your Realtor coming up short.

Reducing your stress, informing your opinions, and delivering on your needs: these are all my core values. In the real estate market, you want to know that there is someone on your side, a person who is looking out for you, your well-being, and nothing else.

That is how I operate.

The Service You Can Expect

Some outsiders may look at the work that I do and conclude that I am obsessive about client satisfaction. I am okay with that, although I see things differently. A perfectionist, I pick up on the small details because I believe that someone has to. When I do something, I take the extra time to ensure it’s done properly. The results have proven, again and again, that my approach is the right one. I am consistently able to get top dollar for sellers and dream homes for buyers.

Whatever your goals are, anything that you have envisioned for yourself, I want to help you get there. Your experience buying and/or selling a home can be a rewarding one.

Understanding Your Situation

One of the most important aspects of real estate, whether you are a seller or a buyer, is communication. Fortunately, I genuinely enjoy meeting and getting to know people. That makes it easy for me to do what I do, asking you all of the questions that I need to ask you to know where you are coming from and where you would like to go. This is, after all, one of the most momentous decisions you are ever going to make. You deserve to feel acknowledged and understood.

I measure my success according to my clients’ reactions. When you are happy, I am happy too. On closing day, I want to see you smiling, to feel like you have gotten everything that you wanted to get out of your purchase or sale.

My Real Estate Heritage

When I was growing up, there was no shortage of positive real estate role models around me. Both my mom and grandpa are Realtors and Property Managers, and have taught me all that they know, which has helped me develop into the professional that I am today. Long before I thought about getting into the industry, I observed how important their roles were. They were able to guide buyers and sellers through the real estate market comfortably and efficiently, while simultaneously managing several hundred rental properties.

It took me some time to come around to it myself, but way back then, I was thinking in the back of my mind they must feel good helping people like that.

Where I Started

My journey in real estate began in 2017 as an investor, as I was still working a full-time job in the mining industry. Fortunately enough, after having some success over a year’s time, I was able to fulfill my goal of quitting my 9-5 so that I could dedicate my full focus on real estate full-time. Since I was no longer tied down to a job, I decided this was a good time for me to go ahead and get my real estate license and began taking on new clients.

It was all gradual – right up to the point that it seemed to snowball. People in the community heard how much care and thought I put into my clients, and because they wanted that for themselves, they came to see me too.

Because of my mom’s and grandpa’s guidance and mentorship, I have been able to avoid many of the difficulties and pitfalls that other Realtors hit when they are entering the market. I have seen how easy it is to focus on the wrong things – and resolved not to do that myself.

Every referral that I get is an affirmation of the choices that I have made in real estate. I know that I am doing this the right way because of the positive feedback and thank-you notes that I receive.

How Far I Have Come

What has also affirmed my approach to real estate, though, is recognition from my peers. In 2019, BHHS awarded me Rookie of the Year, and a year after that, I was recognized with the DABR Sales Leaders Club Award of Achievement. Most importantly, I was awarded the opportunity to open my own satellite office under Home Experts Realty – because they know that I am going to do right by the strong, meaningful brand they have built.

Opening my very own office was an exciting moment for me because it was a sign, in a sense, that I had arrived. It’s a place where my children can visit, and when my clients stop in, they can feel at ease bringing their children too. Warm and inviting, my office says all of the same things that I try to see: people can count on me to make real estate buying and selling simple and comfortable.

Real Estate, with a Purpose

As a family man myself, I take pride in the work that I do to help the families of Dayton area communities. My partner-in-crime Brittney and I have three boys together, and while I am out working with my clients, she is running her own business from home, while also playing the role of stay-at-home mom. In September of this year, our family will get a little bigger too – when Brittney and I welcome our first daughter into the world.

Staying busy with my sons’ school activities and other sport outings, I get what it means when someone walks into my office, says they need to buy or sell a home, and then ends by telling me that they don’t have time for anything. A busy lifestyle is the only one I know, and if you are looking for someone who knows what you are going through, you have come to the right place.

I never separate any part of my life. To me, it is all who I am. Real estate with a purpose: whether you are my neighbor today or you are going to be my neighbor some months down the line, I want to see you make all of the right decisions and walk away feeling great.

In my downtime, I enjoy playing golf, going to hockey games and NASCAR races, and staying healthy.

How Can I Help?

Usually, you only know what you are looking for once you have gone searching for it. This is especially true in the real estate market. You may have some idea of what you would like to accomplish, buying or selling a home, but the more input you get throughout this process, the less you are leaving up to chance.

That is where I can make all the difference for you. Any time you are curious or unsure about anything relating to real estate, I am here to help you. If you ever have any questions and/or if there is any information I can provide you with, please do not hesitate to call, text or email me any time. Reach out to me today and let’s talk about you and your needs!