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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Ohio

becoming a real estate agent in Ohio

If you want to become a real estate agent in the state of Ohio, you need to get a broker or salesperson license from the Ohio Division of Real Estate. This is a division under the Department of Commerce responsible for licensing brokers, firms and sales associates involved in property transactions to ensure the practice matches public interest. Jared Spears & Associates are always happy to help.

As a real estate agent, your primary role is to work with clients to sell or buy property in accordance with their needs. You are tasked with showing the property, taking potential home buyers on tours and handling every aspect of the purchase or sale. In this read, we are going to look at what it takes to become a real estate agent in Ohio and the steps to follow.

1. Become Eligible

There are four requirements you need to meet in order to become eligible for applying for a brokers license in Ohio:

  • Be 18 years and above
  • Be a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted alien
  • Hold a high school diploma
  • Have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)

2. Complete Pre-Licensing Courses

The state law requires you to take 120 hours of courses, which should consist of the following:

  • Real Estate Principles and Practices
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Ohio Real Estate Law

After you are done with these courses, you will have up to ten years to submit the brokers license application.

3. Look For a Sponsoring Real Estate Broker

In order to indulge in real estate practices in the state, you are required to join a real estate broker that will sponsor your license. Finding an ideal mentor is vital during the initial stages of your career. They are invaluable in teaching systematic and repeatable processes to make your business lucrative.

4. Undergo a Background Check

The Ohio Real Estate Division is tasked with protecting the public interest, and so, it’s no surprise that they have to do a background check on all real estate license candidates. For the background check, you’ll need to create an appointment with a Webcheck user to take your fingerprints. Ensure you confirm whether the Webcheck user will submit both FBI and State fingerprints to BCI&I as it’s mandatory.

During the appointment day, ensure you bring along a government-issued photo ID. The fee for this process should set you back anywhere between $60 and $80.

5. Submit the Application to the Ohio Department of Commerce

Before taking the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson Exam, you need to send the exam application to the Ohio Department of Commerce. In the application, you are required to provide personal information including your education level, contact information, date of birth as well as the broker you’ll be working with. Also, the real estate brokerage has to sign off this form.

Additionally, you’re required to pay an $81 exam fee and provide the completion certificates or official transcripts of the pre-license courses. Once all these documents are ready, mail them to the following address:

Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing
77 S High St., 20th F.
Columbus, OH 43215-6133

6. Pass The Examination

The Ohio Real Estate Salesperson Exam is designed to test your understanding and knowledge of real estate law, mathematics, practices and principles. The exam is administered by Psychological Services Inc. and consists of 120 questions, where you’re required to answer 70% of them right. Also, the time limit is 3 hours.

Note that this exam is computerized, and so, you will know your score immediately after sitting for the exam.

Pro Tip: It is advisable to do practice questions before sitting for the exam as it helps you get familiar with the format and the types of questions asked. A simple search online will give you a wide array of prep tests.

7. Maintain Your Real Estate Brokers License

You are required to renew your Ohio real estate salesperson license after every 3 years. Note that the Division of Real Estate will only accept your application within 60 days before the license’s expiry date. To renew your license, you need to do the following:

  • Submit a renewal application
  • Pay the renewal fee (usually $182)
  • Submit proof for completing continuing education.

Speaking of continuing education, what is needed in order to renew your real estate agent license successfully?

During the initial year of getting your license, you need to complete 20 hours of post-licensing classes. On the subsequent renewals, you are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education which need to include the following courses:

  • Canons of Ethics
  • Core Law
  • Civil Rights

For audit reasons, you are required to maintain the course completion transcripts or certificates for at least six years.


Become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Ohio might seem daunting at first, but when you carefully follow the above steps, it is as easy as it can get. If you have a passion for real estate, this process will be a walk in the park.